Oh The Places We Will Go - Podcast

The husband and wife team behind Edge of Glory have become PODCAST PIONEERS and are podcasting their entire trip to Everest Base Camp in the dead of Winter 2017/2018.

Guy has travelled to over 60 of countries, hiking climbing, skiing and playing rugby his way around the world from a very young age. Guy has had many once in a lifetime experiences one of which, was being charged by a wild bull elephant while being hunted Robert Mugabe’s henchmen. 

Tasch a girl who had travelled Australia extensively was only introduced to travelling overseas after meeting Guy and they embarked on their first holiday to Japan. Since then they have travelled throughout South-East Asia (their favourite place being Myanmar), Europe and Eastern Europe (their favourite spot was Romania) and since then Tasch received a scholarship to study in Malaysia studying cross-cultural psychology and went on her own.

This time, Guy booked a trip that many would want to check off their bucket list but this trip is Tasch’s idea of HELL… A hiking holiday climbing to Everest Base Camp. Due to their differences, Tasch loves to arrive at places as early as possible, Guy loves running late, Tasch LOVES five-star, Guy loves sleeping under the stars. They both thought they could create and record an entertaining yet informative podcast that can help others decide if they too want to attempt the hike OR so they can just laugh at them while they attempt to do what Tasch never believed she could or wanted to do. 

EPISODE ONE - Introduction - Oh The Places We Will Go 


 EPISODE TWO - Prepping for Everest Base Camp

EPISODE THREE- Exercise prep